March 22, 2002


The Walker County Chamber of Commerce alleges that they exist only to help the economy of Walker County yet tens of thousands of tax dollars and member dues are spent each year in other States and other counties for work that could be done in Walker County for far less.

The latest such export of Walker County business to another county was the design of a new logo for Huntsville. Although there are dozens of extremely talented design students at Sam Houston State University as well as professional graphic artists in Walker County, the Walker County Chamber of Commerce hired a Montgomery County firm to design the logo.

Had the Chamber devised a “Design a New Logo” contest with a $500.00 first prize, a $250.00 second prize and a $100.00 third prize, they would no doubt received dozens of beautiful logo designs to choose from.

Instead they paid the Montgomery County firm $10,000.00 for a single design that many citizens feel is unbalanced and unattractive.

This is not the first time this year that the local Chamber has exported large sums of money for projects of dubious worth. Last year they spent tens of thousands of dollars with an Olympia, Washington firm to determine why tourists do not visit Huntsville. The costly consultant never mentioned the trash, ugly sprawl, destruction of historic buildings, and lack of charm. Instead, for a sum that may have been in excess of $30,000.00 the consultant recommended chopping down trees which are about the only attractive asset Huntsville has left.


No wonder, Walker County Historical Commission Chairman, James Patton calls the Walker County Chamber of Commerce, “The Chamber of Carpetbaggers”. They show no allegiance to our own citizens or businesses. Instead they export tax dollars from our County just as fast as they can get their hands of them. Their actions and irresponsibility are a disgrace to our community. Perhaps, since they talk about promoting local business interests while at the same time passing money to outside business interests they should be called, “The Chamber of Hypocrites”.

George H. Russell

March 3, 2002


Huntsville Mayor Bill Green danced away the evening at the Waterwood Country Club while Huntsville fell deeper and deeper in to debt and depression.

Under the rule of Mr. Green and his cronies, followers, and henchmen, the taxpayer debt is now out of control as the Green Machine uses tax-dollars to destroy local businesses as well as the quality of life in our community.

Just a few recent negative events are as follows:

1. A trailer house has been dragged onto what was a beautiful wooded lot in a historic neighborhood on 18th Street. The only neighborhood Mr. Green appears to care about is the almost ‘Lilly White’ enclave that he moved to in order to not have to live with folk of ‘lesser quality’.

2. The beautiful forest that graced I-45 across from the blight of an ugly auto dealership which was also once a beautiful forest was bulldozed, largely at tax-payer subsidies to make way for an international corporation bent on destroying local businesses.

3. Trash and garbage are piling up along every thoroughfare leading into what was once a beautiful historic Texas town. Green obviously cares more about the ‘green’ in his wallet than in the green that nature would provide if not buried under filth and garbage.

4. Green has announced that a new swimming pool is to be built in a delicate and disappearing ecosystem near the rich folk at ‘Forest Hills’ rather than in a part of the community that has been neglected for over 100 years and where hundreds of underprivileged children do not have access to a swimming pool.

Under Mayor Bill, the rich get richer and the poor get more and more miserable in their substandard trailer houses. Their children are imprisoned in windowless warehouses. Their taxes keep increasing to pay to subsidize the rich corporations that suck money out of our community. And all the while Mayor Bill dances away the hours, much like Nero, who fiddled while Rome burned.